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Upgrade your culinary experience with our luxurious Cutting Boards and Trays, featuring designs by Convers and Giusti for stylish homes. Buy now on SHOPDECOR®

Cutting Boards and Trays

Welcome to our curated selection of Cutting Boards and Trays, where functionality meets artistry. Designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, our collection is perfect for the discerning home chef, the interior design enthusiastand the luxury hospitality provider alike.

Masterpieces from Renowned Brands and Designers

Featuring exquisite pieces from Sambonet, Ibride and Broggi and crafted by the hands of visionary designers like Rachel Convers and Mario Luca Giusti, each item in our collection is a testament to innovation and elegance. From the whimsical Ibride trays that tell a story with every design, to the classic beauty of Sambonet's wood cutting boardsand Broggi's sleek teabag holders, we offer a range that complements every taste and kitchen style.

Cutting Edge Design and Utility

Whether it's a marble cutting board that adds a touch of sophistication to your prep work, a Kai Shun cutting board that combines durability with sleek design, or a Seletti lipstick tray that turns heads, our collection ensures that your kitchen is always ready to impress. Not to mention, our fruit platters are perfect for turning everyday fruits into a display of culinary art.

A Canvas for Culinary Creations

Our Cutting Boards and Trays are more than just kitchen tools; they are the canvas for your culinary creations, the backdrop for your gourmet adventuresand the final touch that turns a meal into an experience. Crafted with care and designed to dazzle, they are the unsung heroes of every memorable meal and gathering.

Step into a world where every chop, sliceand serve is an opportunity to showcase your unique style and culinary prowess. With our collection, your kitchen will never be just a kitchen again; it will be a gallery of functionality and beauty. Ready to make every meal a masterpiece?

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